Citrusˣ: Unlock the Power of AI Transparency and Explainability

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Citrusˣ is an end-to-end platform for AI transparency and explainability. It empowers organizations to maintain confidence in their models by providing validation tools, performance tracking, risk assessment, and customized reports. With seamless communication and real-time insights, Citrusˣ ensures transparency and boosts collaboration between stakeholders. Learn more at Citrusˣ website.

Who's using?

Citrusˣ’s end-to-end platform for AI transparency and explainability allows organizations to maintain confidence in their models.

Data scientists can use the Summary and Validation pages on the web UI and SDK to validate the performance of their models, investigate results, and address issues.

Build models and improve accuracy

Data Scientists


All Stakeholders

An Inclusive Solution from Development to the Field

Data science managers and Chief data officers can track the work of their teams, compare models, and ensure KPIs are being met.

Oversee team’s progress

Data Science Managers and Chief Data Officers

Risk officers and MRMs can use the web UI and reports to verify the soundness of the model, assess the risks, and ensure AI is being used responsibly and fairly according to regulatory requirements.

Check model validity and assess risks

Risk Officers, Model Risk Managers

Executives and regulators can use summarized custom reports to verify the model's strength and accuracy, understand the model's decisions, identify risks, and ensure compliance to protect the organization from potential lawsuits and maintain their reputations.

Receive customized executive reports

Executives and Regulators

Collaborating across departments and managing multiple deployment models demands seamless communication, and that's where Citrusˣ comes in. Its real-time report generation provides high-level insights about models which can be shared between model developers and oversight teams to provide a level of confidence and transparency in the model development process. Citrusˣ is becoming an indispensable tool in our workflow, supporting our need to keep everyone up to speed.