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Sherloq is a data chatbot that generates customized answers based on your data, helping you discover gaps and define metrics. Integrated with your existing editor, Sherloq provides copilot and auto-suggestions, ensuring you use data correctly. With a centralized metrics and SQL repository, alignment on analysis definitions is achieved. Easily integrated with your existing data stack, Sherloq works seamlessly with your tools. Start using Sherloq in minutes and improve your knowledge base. Learn more

Who's using?

Our data chatbot generates customized answers based on your data. You can easily discover your data gaps, or understand how to define specific metrics. Really, ask anything.


Copilot & Auto-Suggestions

Integrated with your existing editor, Sherloq automatically tells you when you’re using the wrong data, or just using it in the wrong way.

Metrics & SQL Repository

Now you have one source of truth for your metrics, queries and commonly used SQL snippets, so everyone are aligned on the same definitions in their analysis.


Don't Change Any of Your Habits

Sherloq integrates with your existing data stack, and our plug-in sits on top of your existing query editor so we always catch you where you are.

Working with your tools, get started in minutes

Easily start sending your data and integrate with the products you and your team already use. View our docs

Loved by our users

Senior Data Analyst

”Hey @channel, I want to encourage you to start using Sherloq to improve our knowledge base in Athena. In just a few clicks you can create meaningful information that can help other analysts who don’t know much about a certain table.”