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Nimble is an AI-powered web data gathering solution that enables effortless and real-time data extraction from any public website. With built-in AI unlocking, parsing skills, and modern proxies, Nimble streamlines data structuring and ensures high accuracy. Scale effortlessly with Nimble's modern proxies and gain access to localized data worldwide. Experience a smarter way to scrape web data with Nimble.

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The AI Platform for Data Teams

Stream Real-Time Web Data with a Simple API

  • Scrape any public website with built-in AI unlocking & modern proxies.
  • Structure data with zero effort and high accuracy using Parsing Skills.
  • Engineered for performance and reliability at any scale.

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Unlock Accurate Data with Nimble’s AI Browser

  • Perfect accuracy with HTML-trained LLM models.
  • Parse with zero hiccups thanks to Nimble Auto-Healing Agents.
  • Trust your data with multi-layered data validation.

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Scale Effortlessly with Nimble Modern Proxies

  • Faster than any residential proxies you’ve ever used.
  • Experience personalized proxy selection with an AI Optimization Engine.
  • Get localized data from anywhere on the planet.

Ready for a smarter way to scrape web data?

Leading data teams are choosing Nimble to accelerate AI & BI applications.

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Hear from our customers

“Effortlessly deriving impactful insights from complex web data, Nimble’s advanced technology simplifies my role as a data engineer with its seamless and powerful platform. The ease of extracting and utilizing structured data is transformative.”

Dennis Irorere

Data Engineer

“Nimble makes the process of gathering data at scale for everything from competitive analysis to generative AI efficient and effortless. They have built an incredibly effective product - one of the highest ROI investments you will make.”

Shwetank Kumar

Chief Data Officer

“In the era of data and AI, technology like Nimble’s is changing the way companies consume data. Nimble Browser’s artificial intelligence technology allows a radically new approach to how data teams collect data from the open web.”

"Nimble unique approach to web data gathering allows data leaders to focus on what really matters—innovation and shipping their own product with confidence. Simply put, Nimble is a strategic asset that outperforms traditional approaches or any manual tools to deliver reliable data solutions in todays ultra-dynamic environments"