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Rupert is a no-code alert builder that helps you turn data into action. With its flexible, no-code monitoring and alerting capabilities, you can easily set up proactive monitoring for any metric or event in minutes. Catch every important change in your business data, customize alerts with relevant messages, and seamlessly push data to Slack. Get deep visibility into every alert and avoid noisy alerts with real-time feedback. Stay on top of your business metrics and events with Rupert. Learn More

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With Rupert's no-code custom alerts, find the actionable opportunities, anomalies, or exceptions you care about and push them directly to Slack.

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Metric & Event Monitoring

No-Code Trigger Library

Flexible Message Editor

Seamless Slack Integration

No-code monitoring & alerting

Use Cases


The simplest way to turn data into action

Unlock value from your data warehouse or BI dashboards with Rupert's flexible, no-code monitoring & alerting. Set up monitoring for any metric or event in minutes.

Catch every important change in your business data.


Metric & Event Monitoring

  • Set up proactive monitoring and alerting on top of your data warehouse or BI dashboards.
  • Track metrics over time or discrete events in tables or views. No code or SQL ever required.
  • Configure monitors to run at intervals up to near real-time.

Say goodbye to false positives. Triggers made for the real world.


No-CODe Trigger LIbrary

  • Use dynamic thresholds and combine multiple rules to build more valuable alerts.
  • Add breakdowns and filters to scope alerts to the right granularity or cut of data.
  • Choose period over period comparisons, moving averages, anomaly detection and more from our no-code trigger library.

Craft customized messages so alerts are relevant & engaging.



  • Insert dynamic data elements anywhere within alert messages
  • Give recipients complete context on alerts by inserting any data from your warehouse, beyond the monitored metric or event
  • Embed programmable actions buttons into alerts. Build any custom URL or use native Jira & Salesforce integrations.

Push data to where stakeholders will actually use it.



  • Send scheduled or data-triggered messages to any Slack DM or channel, or email address
  • Connect to Slack in seconds. No webhooks or workarounds ever required.
  • Track every interaction with your Slack messages in Rupert.

Get deep visibility into every alert

Noise Control

Engagement Tracking

Notification Center

Don't be the boy who cried wolf

Avoid noisy alerts with real-time feedback during the creation workflow. See how frequently your trigger criteria would've been met. Adjust as needed.



Monitoring business metrics & events has never been simpler

Don't reinvent the wheel. We think about and work on monitoring & alerting full time so you don't have to.

Stay in the loop with updates from Rupert.

No noise. We'll only email when we've got something important to say 😎

Free Utility

Looker alerts & schedules—how many do you have?

Use our free utility to download the configuration details of all your Looker alerts and schedules in seconds. Import them to Rupert for superior visibility and control.

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Demo Video

See Rupert in action: a three-minute introduction to Rupert

Whether you need to monitor strategic KPIs or alert on outliers in operational data, Rupert's got you covered. Unlock the value in your data warehouse in just minutes.

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Example Use cases

Monitoring and alerting that works for any function

Rupert is designed for flexibility. If it's in your data warehouse or BI dashboards, we can monitor and alert on it.

Sales & Growth

Support & Success

Data Quality

Monitor across categories with a single alert

Breakdown monitoring by any categorical dimension to catch dips or spikes that matter to stakeholders. Send personalized alerts to category managers with the insights for their campaigns.